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Leki UNI Worldcup Race Flex S GTX Glove – Black

The Worldcup Race Flex GTX is a version of the LEKI original racing glove tailored to the needs of top skiers. The palm made of sturdy goatskin, the waterproof GORE-TEX® membrane and the exclusive Trigger S system characterize this high-quality glove. Features such as the ceramic-reinforced EVA finger pads, the large LEKI flex panel and expanded soft padding ensure the protection of the hand - without impairing freedom of movement. The insulation made of Hyperloft and ThinsulateTM warm the hands even in sub-zero temperatures.

Reusch UNI Freeride Lech XT Glove – Black White


Take the most successful Reusch Freeride glove, improve the fitting, add a comfortable Polartec® lining and some fresh colorways and out comes the new flagship freeride glove Lech, as always extra warm and guaranteed waterproof!

Reusch UNI Instant Heat RTEX XT Heated Glove – Black


This premium heated ski glove features an innovative battery-powered heating system that warms up faster and keeps the hands warmer for longer even on the coldest winter days.

Reusch UNI Race Tec18 DH Glove – Black White Neon Green


Intelligent, minimalistic padding elements turn this lightweight full leather racing glove with great wearing comfort into the first choice for speed disciplines on top-level.

Reusch UNI Race Tec18 GS Mitten – Black White Neon Green


The full package of innovation and functionality with the top Reusch racing mitten offering maximum protection, outstanding fit and the best materials for world-class racing performances.

Reusch UNI Race Tec18 Lobster Glove – Black White Neon Green


Our first ever racing glove in lobster construction is a great fitting, robust full-leather style with intelligent padding elements placed in all crucial zones of the hand.

Reusch UNI Race Tec18 SC Glove – Black White Neon Green


Made for world-class racing performances, this hard-padded full goatskin leather glove features great padding on fingers, thumb and knuckle.